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Our company specializes in growing plants, designing landscapes and maintaining your garden beds, trees and shrubs along with water features and hardscaping. However we are NOT a lawn maintenance company nor do we specialize in lawn installations. Although we will install lawns as a part of a project, we typically do not provide these kinds of services.

If you are in need of a lawn installation, patching, sod, grub control, aeration, fertilization or herbicide application we highly recommend that you use your best judgement on hiring a professional lawn service company. Occasionally we can give out recommendations however we can't keep up with lawn professionals in all of our service areas.

A Professional Lawn Maintenance Company Should:

  • Understand best mowing practices, this includes: Not mowing clippings into beds, not using heavy equipment on freshly seeded areas or wet ground (many do this to cut the time spent on mowing and it can ruin a lawn or cause ruts and divets which will need to be fixed), cutting grass to appropriate height and not too short or left too tall
  • Know when to apply fertizlier and herbicide
  • Understand the importance of thatch and a healthy lawn; aerating if necessary
  • Know the signs of a grub or other pest infestation and proper treatment
  • Know the signs of mold, mildew or other lawn "illness"
  • Understand the different types of seed mixes and what they are best for
If you are an Angie's List customer, we highly recommend them based on customer feedback for finding professionals in your area.

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